First Time Node - #6 Express Server With Functional Views

Most tutorials about setting up an Express web server in Node also have you add a templating engine and countless middleware packages. In this post, I am going to show you how to create a server-rendered website using Express and, well, plain JavaScript! #1 First Steps This post picks up »

First Time Node - #5 Configuring & Writing Tests

Testing your code is important. People disagree about how important it is, but we can all agree that writing at least some tests is a good practice. In this post, I will show you how to write and run tests on your code using Mocha. For this post, we will »

First Time Node - #4 Configuring Your Build Process for ES2015/2016

This is an extremely exciting time to be a JavaScript developer. The language is growing and changing in very positive ways. But, unfortunately, many of the best features of modern JavaScript are not natively available in Node or the browsers. I, along with others, say that it is absolutely essential »

First Time Node - #3 Setting Up Your Development Environment

One of the most important parts of writing JavaScript applications (whether for Node or for the browser) is surrounding yourself with good tools. JavaScript can be quite verbose at times, with lots of punctuation, and things like syntax-highlighting, linting and smart code-completion dramatically reduce the bugs in your code. In »

First Time Node - #2 Packages

Node comes bundled with npm for managing dependencies. You can import as many libraries from npm into your application as you want. There is a package for almost anything you could imagine in npm, and it includes well-maintained packages from large businesses all the way down to random side-projects from »