JavaScript Basics

This post is meant for some those interested in an extremely brief JavaScript reference. I will not be going into programming, just introducing the syntax to someone who presumably is already very experienced with coding. What is JavaScript? JavaScript is technically ECMAScript. It is a scripting language originally developed in »

Using Higher-Order Functions To Pass Data and Functions in Node

When using Node.js it is best practice to separate out one's code into modules. So, instead of having one monolithic index.js or main.js file, instead you have your routes and your utility modules separated out into separate files which then get imported into your main file. This »

Using Bootstrap with create-react-app

These days, it is amzingly easy to get a web application up and running. Create-react-app allows you hit the ground running with building front-end applications which then can be served and fed data from a back-end API. But, while creat-react-app takes care of the dev server, dependency handling, and bundling, »

A Breath of Fresh Meteor

I have used and enjoyed Meteor since 2013. It has had its ups and downs, but the fact of the matter is that it has from the beginning already solved problems which we are re-solving every day. A recent client job I worked on illustrates this perfectly. For this job »

First Time Node - #4 Configuring Your Build Process for ES2015/2016

This is an extremely exciting time to be a JavaScript developer. The language is growing and changing in very positive ways. But, unfortunately, many of the best features of modern JavaScript are not natively available in Node or the browsers. I, along with others, say that it is absolutely essential »